24H Series Clio Cup Shakedown


On Friday 19th June I headed to Silverstone to see Preptech‘s newly built Renault Clio Cup Endurance Car, our challenger for Class A2 of the FIA 24H Series.

With the car having been completely rebuilt from top to bottom, we were taking the car for a shakedown to confirm everything worked as it should – and perhaps do a few quick laps in the afternoon if time permitted.

In the first of four sessions for the day, we ran the car on old tyres at low speed and low revs, just making sure the car was running properly – which it was! We spent this session also testing radios, my first time using radio in-car, which took some getting used to but worked well!

Without any major dramas at all, we ran the car for the next three sessions aiming to improve my familiarisation with the car, and to do a few longer stints so I could get used to what’s required.

By the final session we managed some long stints. Despite the Silverstone GP circuit being a 2-and-a-half minute lap, I’d ended up in the final session posting 5 lap times all within 0.5 seconds of my fastest time, one after the other, so it was nice to get used to running consistent endurance pace.

Big thanks to Preptech for the car, to run what is effectively a totally new car without an issues all day long, is something of a minor miracle – and testament to the build quality so far!

It looks like our first race will be the Barcelona round of the 24H Series, where we still have drives available – if you’re interested in a drive, please get in touch!

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