Audi TCR Test


On 29th November, I tested an Audi RS3 LMS TCR car courtesy of Racing Line and TCR UK at Brands Hatch.

The day was to publicise the newly launched TCR UK series, a series which has become extremely popular in Europe and now looks set to take off in the UK too.

24068676_10156928099039816_7763691189905113495_oI used the opportunity to test the Audi TCR car, in preparation for driving the same type of car in the 2018 Dubai 24 Hour race, with Stanco and Tanner Racing in January.

The car was extremely ‘light’ and responsive to drive, very easy to drive at a comfortable 90% pace, but felt like it would be hard work to find those final few tenths. A great experience though and a pleasure to drive!

Most noticeable was how quick the gear change was. Before you’d had time to process pressing the gear up or down paddles in your head, the gear had already changed, it was that quick, seriously impressive.

For me the day was about getting familiar with the car, the visibility and the general handling to try and get a head-start for Dubai, rather than testing for the TCR UK series like many others were doing.

After the day I felt like I learned a lot and now looking forward to Dubai!

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