Driver Coaching

Want to find those last few tenths, make your way further up the grid?

I am a qualified ARDS Instructor, predominantly from a front-wheel-drive racing background.

Experience (Racing):

  • Gen4 (Paddle Shift) Clio Cup
  • Gen3 (Sequential Box) Clio Cup
  • Ford Fiesta ST Championship
  • MG Trophy ZR

In all of these cars I have taken podiums, pole positions, fastest laps, or a mixture of the three, throughout the UK but also throughout Europe.

I have experience from sprint racing (20 minute races) and endurance races (2 hour stints at a time), so whatever your discipline, I can help.

How it Works

Driver Coaching depends on your requirements, varying from sitting alongside you in the car, to data and video analysis to find those last few tenths.

  • Instruction (Sat as Passenger)
  • Seat Swap – compare my lines to yours with data & video.
  • Video Analysis (Racelogic Vbox/GoPro)
  • Data Analysis (Racelogic Vbox)

It may be that you only require one of the above rather than everything, this all depends on your requirements, experience level and what you want to achieve.


Cost depends on which circuit you are visiting, the duration of track time, and what’s required. If I’m already at the meeting this can reduce cost too. I can also consider splitting cost & work between two or more drivers if this of benefit.

If you think I can be of help, contact me, and we can discuss further.